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We are Valapanza.

We offer the best tacos al pastor!

About our Tacos

Experience the •Real Deal• in mouth watering mexican food at Valapanza.

Stop by and enjoy one of our savory authentic Mexican dishes, and a nice cool drink to wash it down. We offer a large variety, and use only fresh ingredients that are made from scratch. We are proud to say that you won't find any pre-processed, or bland food here!

Your eating experience will be far from ordinary. Our variety of meat dishes covers from pork, ham, steak, chicken, and even sausage.

Los tacos de valapanza

Los tacos de valapanza

Our Mission

VaLaPanZa in Plaza Marina... raising the bar in taco cuisine and bringing prestige to the profession of El Taquero.

•Nada más MEXICANO que los tacos•

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Our menu
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